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Puckurt Chrismukkah Fest 2011!!!!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post a quick promotion for something going on right now over at the Puckurt comm which is Puckurt Chrismukkah Fest 2011! All it is is a fic exchange celebration for the ship Puck/Kurt. Sign ups started last Friday and will go until next SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH. If you are interested in participating in this fic exchange, please click HERE to learn more and to sign up! It's really easy!

Also, if you are NOT interested, it would mean a lot to us if you could just spread the word as well :) The easiest way would probably be to reblog anything posted on our festival TUMBLR or to just let people know on your flist that might not have seen any promotions! We really want this to be a fun, awesome, holiday fic exchange so please consider it and if not, at least try and spread the word for holiday cheer :) Thanks so much!

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