screaming loud enough to turn back the wind (tigriswolf) wrote in morethan4sides,

Kurt fashion query

Um, hi, I really hope this allowed. I have a fashion related question, concerning a fic I'm writing. I figure this might be the place to ask, since there was that awesome Kurt wearing clothes poll. So. If I'm wrong, let me know and I'll delete.

I'm writing a fic where Kurt will be attending a dinner/ball, as the boyfriend/future Prince Consort of the Crown Prince of Genovia (why, yes, it is a Princess Diaries crossover). The thing is, I know nothing about women's fashion, much less all the awesome things Kurt wears. Hence the problem.

What on Earth should Kurt wear? Should I name fashion designers, will he have designed something himself, or what? The fic is from Blaine's pov, and I don't think he's as knowledgeable as Kurt about fashion, but I figure Kurt would still describe his final outfit ad nauseam, right?

Any help would be appreciated. If that includes being pointed somewhere else because this isn’t’ the right place, bring it on. I just really have no idea what to do here.
Tags: discussion, fanfic
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